High Performance FPGA Acceleration Car

Raysoar S10 FPGA Acceleration Card (Thunderbird), with Intel Stratix® 10 TX 110, targeted for flexible high performance 5G Acceleration plus Connectivity  and other various 5G+ app workloads, such as streaming analytics, , financial, video transcoding, artificial intelligence, genomics, and Industrial IoT. Thunderbird has compact form factor, low-power consumption, and passive heat sink, deployable in various servers enviroment .

Target Workloads
-    5G BBU + Fronthaul                                         -    Financial
-    HPC                                                                  -    Video transcoding
-    Artificial intelligence                                        -    Industrial IoT
Key Features
-    FPGA: Intel Stratix10 TX110 FPGA: 1E+1H tile; Quad-A53 HPS
-    16Gb DDR4 memory, 32MB flash
-    QSFP interface speeds up to 100G (4X25G), SFP interface support 10G/25G.
-    PCI Express (PCIe) x 16 Gen3 interface form factor
-    Half-length card with standard (full height) and low profile (1/2 height) bracket option -    1588 PTP, GPS clock signal, harden Ethernet MAC, CPRI FEC, etc.
Thunderbird board architecture
Form Factor
- PCI-E Plug in Card (Gen3x16)

- Full height, half Length
- Stratix 10 (1ST110EN2F43E2VG)
- 1.3M LE, PCIe HIP,
- 10/25/50/100 GbE MAC, 1588 PTP

- QSFP x1, SFP28 x2, JTAG, RJ45, Macro USB
- GPS, 1588 Interface support
- CPRI/eCPRI interface

- DDR4 (1.2GHz)
- LED bank
- Power supply (PCIe or AUX)
- BMC (sesnors)